With BandOfAmerica card, I can visit museums for free at 1st weekend every month. I’ve made a google map pinpointing these museums.

For details of this Museums on Us® program from BankOfAmerica, check here.

I’ve located all those museums up to 06/03/2015 in my customed google map.

Since google maps seems to allow 10 layers only, I divided museums according to regions instead of states. Those regions are from google search results, forgive me if I am wrong in any of them (and thanks for telling me :D).

11/30/2016 Update: I found that an official map website has been set up by BoA, finally!! Thus my old map becomes stale and useless.. 🙂

I’ve also made a map locating all national parks in US before (may not include all recreational area or things of the sort). Check that out as well if you are interested.